Thermo Transfer

Thermo Transfer Labels

RDS labels is co maker and distributor of high-tech Fabric Label materials.

The materials are certified for label solutions in the Automotive Industry where manufacturers have to apply homologation labels to their products such as

Seatbelts, Airbags, Children’s Safety Seats and Floor Carpets.

The materials developed for this type of labels are of a really unique character.
They are characterized by their durability and qualifications (FMVSS302 a.o) for use in car compartments of most known car brands in the world.

The introduction of our fabrics offered manufacturers of safety systems an effective and flexible  solution to print with the use of thermo transfer systems.
This created the possibility of on demand and just in time label production
All labels can be marked with variable data like logo’s, production date, article codes, serial numbers, etc.

By improving the materials RDS Labels was the first company in the world able to supply such fabric material for thermo transfer printers that could handle Linear Barcodes and Dot Matrix - 2D- as well.

The brand name of our fabric is NCP002.

We deliver the fabric for the Automotive Industry in Black , White , Orange , Blue , Yellow

To achieve the best possible imprint RDS Labels selected high quality types of thermo transfer ink ribbons.

These ink ribbons can be supplied in the colours Black, White,  Red(!), and Yellow(!)

Our labels for logistic purposes are scanned within milliseconds by all kinds of barcode scanners in positive/negative format or 2D.

To comply with the high standards of the automotive industry RDS Labels not only supplies technical fabrics but implements thermo transfer printer systems as well.

These printer systems are very special.
They are equipped with ONE, TWO or even THREE printing heads for recto/verso and/or two colour printing.
Our printers are adapted to print fabric materials in large volumes without any problem.


ISO 9001:2008