Since 1999 Rid-der Data Service B.V., also known as RDS Labels, is active as consultancy and solution provider in specific areas of the printing industry. Our mission is to service our customers with state of the art technology.

RDS brings in the the following program in the global market:

RDS brand protection and anti-counterfeit

With a strong historical background in different security technologies, from 2008 RDS started to develop new programs in brand protection, brand management and anti-counter/anti-fraud solutions.

By closing contracts with Kodak Security Solutions, a more outstanding technology provider, and Mark Monitor, world leader in brand protection and internet monitoring systems, now RDS offers a strong program in security labelling and packaging applications and online brand protection.


RDS labels and thermal printing

RDS has become a leading supplier of homologation label, label fabrics, hardware and software for Safety Systems Manufacturers all over the world.
We developed a flame retardant fabric material, that is of unique character and because of its printing nature suitable for linear and 2-dimensional bar codes making labels with most needed variables in the automotive industry in highest quality possible.

In combination with specific selected two head printing systems, materials are printed on both sides.

RDS is ISO9001:2008 certified to guarantee a high quality and reliability towards it's global operating customers.


RDS heat seal transfers and reflective fabrics

To service the market with workwear and outdoor clothing in the Benelux countries we coöperate with a German supplier, Giolite Europe Gmbh.

We bring a full program of Thermal Transfer Labelling, Reflective Fabric Materials and Heat Seal Transfer Materials, certified against EN, Ansi and Oko tex standards.

ISO 9001:2008