Brand protection
and anti-couterfeit solutions


Brand Protection and Anti-counterfeit Solutions

For many companies around the world counterfeiting and online brand abuse is a large and growing problem.

Counterfeiting accounts for over $700 billion in sales a year, or 8 to 10 percent of all global trade. Almost every successful product in the world is being copied.

Counterfeit products:
  1. Lead to lost reputation and brand equity as unsuspecting customers associate poor quality of
    counterfeits with legitimate products
  2. Pose a significant risk to consumer health and safety (for example: drugs, automobiles, airplane parts)
  3. Represent lost profits as dollars flow to counterfeiters instead of legitimate businesses
  4. Lead to lost jobs; the US Chamber of Commerce and other organizations estimate the impact to be in the hundreds of thousands

As businesses move along, brands face a new and evolving array of threats: the inherent openness and anonymity of the internet have paved the way for online fraud, brand abuse and unauthorized distribution channels.

Over the years RDS Labels encountered questions from several customers for a way to minimise the counterfeit product manufacturing and/or protect brands, reputation and revenues from online risks.

In trying to find solutions within the knowledge and capabilities of RDS Labels, we found in Eastman Kodak Security Solutions and Mark Monitor, supplier of Enterprise Brand Protection Solutions two partners to service the markets RDS Labels is active in - Automotive, Textile and Retail.


Backed by both very strong organisations, RDS Labels is able to recommend integrated strategies that direct to specific security solutions in labelling and packaging and implementations that enable enterprises to defend their brands against online brand abuse and internet fraud.

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