Kodak Traceless
Security Systems

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Kodak Traceless Security Systems

The KODAK TRACELESS System is a forensically invisible authentication technology that protects against fraud and counterfeiting.
It is easy to implement and integrates into a wide range of materials with no disruption to product design or production processes

  1. Proprietary KODAK Markers can be integrated into a wide range of host materials with no impact on material characteristics
  2. KODAK Markers are only detectable with TRACELESS Readers—they are invisible to standard optical, forensic, or chemical analysis
  3. TRACELESS Readers are precision built for reliability, durability, and accuracy under extreme conditions
  4. The system has built-in safeguards to make reverse engineering virtually impossible
  5. Multiple levels of security are possible with the same marker and reader—basic pass/fail or additional levels of security (confidential disclosure only)
  6. The system can be custom tailored to individual needs

The TRACELESS System is already providing anti counterfeiting protection for customers in a wide variety of applications including:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Premium Wines and Spirits
  4. Fashion Apparel and Accessories
  5. Documents and Identification

KODAK Traceless Thermal Transfer Ink Ribbon

Protecting your company, your brand, and your customers just got simpler.
With the ease of changing a printer ribbon, you can get all the security benefits of the award-winning Kodak Traceless System for Anticounterfeiting.
Kodak Traceless Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a premium resin ribbon that delivers sharp, durable impressions which are automatically embedded with Kodak’s ultra-covert security markers.

Detectable only with the Kodak Traceless Imaging Reader, the embedded markers provide a powerful authentication component to barcodes, product identification tags, serial numbers – anything that you currently print with a standard thermal transfer printer and black thermal transfer ribbons.
Available in sizes and configurations to fit popular printer models, Kodak Traceless Thermal Transfer Ribbons deliver: 

  1. High durability for harsh environments
  2. High resistance to heat, steam, abrasion, and many chemicals
  3. Excellent print quality on high-end films including vinyl, polyester and polyamide

A drop-in solution where thermal transfer labels are already used to print variable or short-run data, Kodak Traceless Thermal Transfer Ribbons provide an easy way to implement the Kodak Traceless System in such markets as:

Textile, Apparel, Luxurious Goods, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Automotive, Industrial Parts etc.

With the sophisticated proprietary Traceless Imaging Readers the Authenticity of your marked labels can be authenticated  in every step of  your logistic chain.
The Traceless System is impossible to duplicate and does not affect product characteristics or performance.

Printed markers are durable, stable and impossible to visually differentiate from normal printed labels.

KODAK Traceless Color Shifting Ink

Kodak Traceless Color Shifting Ink adds a simple , yet effective layer of overt authentication to your packaging.
And embedded with Traceless System you can give your products and packages a double layer of protection with one simple step!

Available in seven colour pairs, traceless Color Shifting Inks provide a robust overt security feature that deters counterfeiters and tells your customers  that you are fighting back against the global threat of counterfeiting.

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