Mark Monitor

"The inherent openness and anonymity of the Internet are creating unprecedented challenges for enterprises. Fraud, brand abuse and
unauthorized channels have moved online and are on the rise"

RDS fully subscribes this statement and believes that with an integrated approach in physical security solutions and software tools Brand Owners can strenghten their fight against brand abuse and counterfeit.

For this reason RDS now is business partner with Mark Monitor.

The Global Leader in Enterprise Brand Protection

Mark Monitor is the only company offering comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that enable an enterprise to both establish and defend their brands against multiple online risks. As the leading global provider of brand protection for the enterprise, Mark Monitor offers solutions that safeguard brand, reputations and revenues from ever-evolving online risks. The company's exclusive access to data, combined with its real-time prevention, detection and response capabilities, provides a more secure Internet for enterprises as well as their customers.

Domain management

Domain Management provides the first step in establishinh brands online. Domain Management is the preferred solution for managing large domain portfolios securely and reliably. With its intuitive user interface, Domain Management is customizable and the only solution taht reduced the time and complexity of managing enterprise domain portfolios. As an ICANN-accredited domain registrar since 1999, MarkMonitor brings a wealth of experience and insight to the business of domain management.

MarkMonitor Brand ProtectionTM

MarkMonitor Brand Protection preserves key elements of your brand's value-- customer trust, loyalty and the reputation on which they depend-- by helping to eliminate confusing and fraudulent use of your brand online.
Leveraging the industry's widest access to online data sources and continuously monitoring more Internet channels than any other solution, it safeguards brand equity, marketing investments, revenue and reputation from traffic diversion schemes, unauthorized channels, couterfeit, pirated and gray market sales, false associotion, cybersquatting, brand defamation and other online threats.

AntiFraud Solutions

The industry's most comprehensive solution for protecting enterprises and their customers from phishing and malware attacks, AntiFraud Solutions preserve enterprise reputation and consumer confidence. The solutions feature a unique, multi-layered approach for predicting, detecting, blocking, monitoring and shutting down phishing and malware sites. Unlike other solutions, MarkMonitor AntiFraud Solutions focus on preventative measures and leverage the broadest industry alliances for protecting brandholders and consumers.

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